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Ocampa: Romulans would get them from the Hirogen. The Hirogen Relay network comes close to the area established in canon as Romulan space. It's why they fight beside the Romulans, Sela made a threaty with them. The Hirogen acctually have the resources to get people from the Delta Quadrant to Romulan space. The Federation presumably has the abiltiy to TW to their space. Why? Well, you can do diplomatic contact missions with them.
But unless I am mistaken, the Doctor was able to go over the relay network because he was a computer program, not sure biological beings would be able to (though haven't seen that episode in a while). Not only that, but the relay network was discovered Many season in after Voyager got several boosts the Ocampa most likely wouldn't have (Kes cut 10 years off their trip, 2 slipstream trips, spatial vortex in the Void, 15 years cut off by using a stolen Borg Transwarp coil, a Graviton catapult jump, push by Q). Not to burst your bubble, but I would think if they were added that would have to be explained, and they would have to be really rare.

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Arin'Sen: where did this idea come from?
Came from here as well as here.