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Originally Posted by obiwanjabroni View Post
I guess all of my crew are constantly inebriated then, because whenever I bring anyone to the Fire Caves...

Also, for you interested folks, feel free to shoot the poop with us in our chat channel (Unrepentant) before going through the steps of applying and such. We're all about making sure we're a good match for you as well as seeing if you're a good match for us. If you waste our time or we waste your time then that's less time we have for boozing it up or shooting things.
OK so the thing is. Are yo yor self or not?

It is like something is missing... uh maybe U!

Perhaps U have potential. Proove it, or go to one of the whiner fleets. "We NEED applicants" whatever.

As long as it works for U.

Don't see me responding to your app? Get over it! Might be in your best interest. I hAVE A REAL LIFE. so do others. wanna have fun? send your app and get ready!

"number 1 do I have time for this Bravo Sierra?"

"Not now sir, the time flashback is due in 3, 2 1, oh I forgot to say..."
LOVE MANKIND Hahahahahahaha
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