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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
Also buy 4 Fleet Support Modules. (500 Zen each)

I can't see anyone being near a T4 Shipyard yet but.

Also the fleet needs to produce "things" for the ship to be purchased. And I think Fleets will be choosing who gets those

"Things" are Starbase Military Fleet Ship Provisioning, and by the time most fleets most hit a T4 shipyard they'll likely have dozens if not hundreds of them. There's no real way with the current system to denote who gets what requisitions, only to lock out things entirely. Also, a Tier 4 shipyard will likely take months unless Cryptic adjusts things, it's supposed to take 6 months minimum to reach T5 everything, and each Tier takes more than the previous. Tier 2 shipyards *might* be gotten by the largest fleets in a week or two.

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