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Well let me put it this way. I can get behind the idea of a replicated salami, or replicated cheese, and to some extent even replicated bread. I think such bread would be better though, if it were made from replicated eggs and flour and whatever else goes into bread. Yeast might be impossible to replicate tho, while the rising action of yeast might be created through artificial means.

To that end, cheese, and bread, might not be possible to make solely from replicated materials, since both require the actions of micro organisms.

But think about it this way. When you go to the store, you buy bread, and cheese, and meat, and you come home and make a sandwich. That sandwich is usually less expensive, and better tasting, than if you bought the exact same ingredients prepackaged from the store as a pre-made sandwich.

While the replicated sandwich would be just as fresh, technically probably fresher than a sandwich made of replicated components, there is a certain.. value.. to the minor variations present in food that has been assembled.

The example I give is when you go to Burger King, McDonald's, or wherever. Even though the materials haven't changed.. even the quantities of the ingredients are unlikely to change significantly, some times, depending on who's working, how hot the grill is, how much they've pre-cooked vs how fresh the burger is, sometimes you get a really good Big Mac, sometimes it's not so good.

From a replicator, every single salami and cheese sandwich would be exactly identical. Now, it might in fact be the greatest, tastiest salami and cheese sandwich that was ever created.. but that lack of variation would eventually get boring.

I think I'd prefer, that if I had to choose between a sandwich made by machines, or a sandwich made by a skilled human using ingredients made by a machine, the latter would be preferable.

At least to me.

Also if I was building a replicator, I would intentionally program in randomized material variances, so that some salami might come out more fatty, while other salami might come out with more spices, etc.

As they say, variety is the spice of life.
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