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07-30-2012, 12:47 AM
Originally Posted by clannmac View Post
WOW, so the new EV suit is a CHARACTER unlock? Sorry, at 700 Zen PER toon, that's not really a bargain...

I mean, yeah: they look really cool, but in the end, they aren't that much better than the 10 or so EV suits that drop/are rewarded for FREE during the Tholian missions, and only marginally better than the "pre-owned" you can get via the D-store.

If you got the Orange Suit during the Dilithium Mining promo this spring, or you've picked up even a "low grade" suit at random to this point, save your Zen for something that benefits your entire account. Unless you're an OCD fashionista and/or you are rolling in the the dough, this ain't worth your real world cash investment!

Sorry, PW/Cryptic, this one is a bit much...
it amazes me that they think it's okay to spend more on these suits then a shuttle. weird. I personally won't be buying anything from their store until they fix my access to the ships I already purchased some time ago which they promised me recently and it's been over a week still not seeing it PWE.