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07-30-2012, 01:27 AM
Enterprise under kirk encounters ribbon in space
a small ship is heading into it

kirk hails ship and sees soran

orders him beamed off ship along with others

soran in rage grabs phaser and vapourises kirk on the spot
he is sent to a rehabilitation colony

years later he escapes by hijacking a duras family ship (and kills the crew )

every last member of the duras family dies screaming in the attack he then launches on their home base

soran then deeply mad takes command of the duras fleet
and heads for the ribbon

The enterprise (under picard) is tasked to stop it (by fleet admiral Chekov supreme commander starfleet , god emperor of dune and master of the all the russias)

A confrontation in space between the enterprise and the duras fleet (of say 50 ships) ends with a battered and near crippled enterprise drifiting INTO the ribbon

There Soran reveals that entering the ribbon will allow him to
1 rejoin his family
2 prevent the birth of JJ and the destruction of the universe

picard lets him go

2009 film never happens
universe is saved