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Originally Posted by designationxr377 View Post
Well, considering I don't remember it it's probably less a case of ignore and more a case of didn't see.

So long as you don't make her into something horrific or do anything irrevocable to her go right ahead. If you feel compelled, send details or what have you to me via PM. If it's a simple cameo, I'm not worried. By all means.

As much as I'd love to defend the character to the ends of the earth, I technically don't own her. Cryptic does. So I really appreciate you asking for my permission first. : ]
Well, being a bad character designer (I once had to copy an OUTFIT from the Foundry into an ingame costume, and it took me a second computer to do that... imagine how hard it'll be to make an entire character without any readable reference sheet) I'll probably need some help. Possibly with character, too, as I'm not too good at roleplaying (or in this case, making) characters originally created by somebody else.
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