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Replicate anything, I don't care.

I'm used to living on 'c-rations' or even basic food supplies (gruel, etc) in emergency situations IRL and having simple requirements means I can associate very well with the rank and file. Replicated cuisine is actually very, very good in my book as you can have just about anything you please without complications in supply lines, food preparation etc.

I'm also not going to whine away if I have to be deployed in a warzone and live on Starfleet standard rations or endless loads of replicated stuff. The troops eat the same and we fight for the same cause.

Realistically speaking a combat vessel in STO (especially a small one like "patcom" or defiant) is not going to have a lot of fresh provisions on board, if any. Since we play Admirals/Captains in STO, I'm going to state that if the officers and crew in my command are subsisting on rations during their tour of duty, then so am I.
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