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07-30-2012, 04:43 AM
...not clear enough...

wich driver u had downloaded ? i have the asus P8Z77- V and downloaded the Intel_GigaBit_V17000_XPWiN7 driver, wich seems to be the latest. (at the intel webpage i found 17.1)

the next is, what do u mean when u say "opened the drivers zip". i mean, the whole thing is a zip and u have to extract it, otherwise u cant install anything, so if u extracted something else, pls say the exact filename, anything else isnt clear enough, because i have 4 folders called "drivers".

next point, searching the folder in the device manager... i took the time and choosed every single folder, nothing happened. no suitable file could be found.

however, on the intel webpage u can also search for a driver wich look nearly the same...only missing is the asus stuff...there i installed the dirver - it didnt worked either.

but in %driverfile%/APPS/SETUP/SETUPBD/Winx64 i found an executable SetupBD, wich installs the driver, and i think only the driver, cause i find nothing to de-einstall wich belongs to intel - still doesnt work at all