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07-30-2012, 06:38 AM
No. Shield power only affects shield resists and shield regeneration.

The BOFF healing abilities are affected by shield emitter consoles (and shield related stats on the ship's deflector) and AUX power setting.

However, note that as of several patches ago shield regeneration rate via shield power setting has been broken. I've equipped a regenerative shield array with regen x2 stat on it that supposedly regens nearly 300 shield points (@125 shield power it should jump up to about 1000) every 6 seconds.

Yet..six seconds go by and the shields hardly regen. It seems somehow the entire thing was messed up to split that regen between the shield facing rather than per shield facing which is how it used to be.

Heck back in the day a science ship (Nebula) with full shield power and shield consoles was nearly impossible to kill..that thing regained shields faster than the damage it took.