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Originally Posted by uxvorastrix View Post
What is it about people trying to turn computers into kiddie consoles?

An X-box controller has something like 121 button combinations.
A computer keyboard has almost 10,000 button combinations.

An X-box controller moves in set increments.
A mouse moves precisely the amount you want it to.

Sorry, but graduate from the kiddie console and join the computer adults. lol
A traditional mouse only has 2-3 buttons. What is is about people wanting to use mice whenever they have a perfectly good keyboard??!? The NERVE of those guys, daring to use another input device! Sheesh.

(for the record, I use a joypad with 10 programmable buttons, plus a D-Pad. WITH a mouse, and WITH a full size keyboard. Just because you have a third device for certain situations doesn't mean you stop using the other two. I could easily map in a Pedal and bind it to "Redistribute Shield & Fire All Weapons" if I was bothered enough...)

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