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07-30-2012, 10:05 AM
As I said before, this issue with our usernames reverting back to the cryptic name when ticking to remember the username is NOT USER-SIDE. Why Cryptic/PWE Support continues to tell players that it is, I do not know.

I know this for a FACT because I have since REPARTITIONED AND FORMATTED MY COMPUTER. The first thing I did after installing STO was type in my PERFECT WORLD USERNAME (I have NEVER typed in my old Cryptic username since the Formatting and Installation) and low and behold, when I log out, what is displayed? MY CRYPTIC USERNAME.

Furthermore, I just installed STO for the first time on a brand new machine that it HAD NEVER BEEN INSTALLED ON BEFORE. What happens after logging out? MY CRYPTIC USERNAME is displayed instead of my Perfect World Username even though I HAVE NEVER ENTERED MY CRYPTIC USERNAME on that machine either.

So... Something is wrong ON YOUR END or something that ONLY YOU CAN REPAIR, Cryptic/Perfect World.

Another report submitted:

Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for follow up: #120730-000336
Additionally, it does this in the Champions Online client as well.

Thank you for your time.

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