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Originally Posted by uxvorastrix View Post
What is it about people trying to turn computers into kiddie consoles?

An X-box controller has something like 121 button combinations.
A computer keyboard has almost 10,000 button combinations.

An X-box controller moves in set increments.
A mouse moves precisely the amount you want it to.

Sorry, but graduate from the kiddie console and join the computer adults. lol
Just to nit-pick, STO doesn't USE 10,000 button combinations, and an Xbox Controller has analog sticks, so it isn't set increments either. And most of the time you want to jump the cursor quickly from one point on the screen to another is to click on abilities, which with a controller you would already have mapped to a specific button combination anyway.

On a side note, I have a Xbox 360 controller hooked up to my computer, and I use it for CO, PSO, and Tera. I don't actually use it for STO though, mostly because I'm too lazy to redo the keybinds for space.
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