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07-30-2012, 10:10 AM
My newest mission "The Darkness Ellie Brings" has a problem. One map has a contact npc that is no matter how it goes, going to be within an AOE blast in a firefight due to tight quarter close combat map.

I played the mission several times, and at least 5 times, the contact npc was killed in the AOE blasts of combat, breaking the mission from progressing unless I beam out/back and reset that map and fight again, in which case 5 times later, I managed it without killing her.

Before season 6, it was rare that she got killed, but since the update, it's been numerous times. Obviously, this makes a random chance that players will experience this problem, but considering 5x in a row for me, that's looking like a "higher" chance of a broken mission.

I thought Npc contacts had been fixed to be unkillable by Aoe such as warp core breaches, etc? Or was this ship contacts?