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07-30-2012, 10:22 AM
A Silver account gives 2 slots, a Gold account gives 3 slots, you purchased +2 slots.
So Silver +2 would have 4 slots, Gold +2 would have 5 slots.

Your sequence appears to have been:

1) You are Silver (Free). You have 2 slots.
1b) You fill your slots. You have 2 characters, 2 slots.
2) You go Gold (Paid). You have 3 slots.
2b) You fill your slots. You have 3 characters, 3 slots.
3) You return to Silver (Free). You have 3 characters, 2 slots. You should still have access to all 3 characters.
4) You buy 2 more slots. You have 3 characters, 4 slots. You can make 1 more character.

If you deleted a character in 3), you would have had 2 characters in 2 slots, and wouldn't have been able to create a 3rd.

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