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Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
Borg plasma torpedoes do around 50k-59k, where are you getting 1-2 million?

One thing I have noticed about borg torpedoes besides the invisotorpofdeath, and massive critical that still occurs from HYs is that they blow through your shields like you don't even have them. I thought shields were supposed to nullify almost all incoming kinetic damage. Hell I can't kill something with a torpedo boat without draining it's shields, you can't just use a torp and blast through shields like they're tissue paper. HAX!!!
You are getting 45-50K AFTER the innate 90 percent resist of a shield. Getting killed through shields means the 'invisa torp' did 10 times the damage that actually hit your hull, 90 percent of it just happened to be absorbed.
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