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Originally Posted by palpha2clearance View Post
They will not let you do for free that they pay people to do its a legal issue with California labor laws.
Funny Mod the Sims which allows people to contribute mods is based on a Californian server

Is there no red cross or other charity workers in California then?

Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
I'm sure the Open Source community would disagree with you on that point. For example Wordpress is based out of California. I don;t know enough about all that so I'll leave it there.

But yes, I would be hard pressed to justify doing free work for a commercial operation such as this. Especially with their *cough* 34% Net Profit last quarter.
I did consider that point before I started this thread as well, and they could reward people who fix bugs in some way, such as free zen or membership.

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