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Originally Posted by joshl7889 View Post
Hate to burst ur bubble, but this is not true at all. My wife, who is a F2P player, purchased 2 character slots and both of them r being used as FED characters. It does not distinguish what those are. When you just start out, u have 2 slots, 1 FED and 1 KDF, but not if u purchase additional slots
I believe you're missing my point. The extra slots don't care if you're Fed or KDF, but the base game does. A Silver can only have 1 Fed and 1 KDF but because the OP was once Gold he has 2 Feds. The game registers one of the new Extra slots as correcting the imbalance of him having 2 Fed characters when he should only have 1. That leaves him 1 extra slot for Feds or 2 for KDF.

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