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Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
Klingons as a faction weren't even featured much in Voyager (apart from Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres and some Klingon vagabonds) - how can you justify a Klingon ship in a Starfleet bundle pack?
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Because the simple fact is that there are no Klingon bundles, how is that fair? I say if they are going to continue to do bundles they need to either have half of the bundle for one faction and the rest for the other or release two bundles one for each faction at the same time and not favour one faction over the other.
It's still a pretty weak reason to forcibly shoehorn KDF content into a Voyager bundle simply for "fairness". Dire desperation for KDF content should not mean breaking the canon.

An updated TOS pack that also included QuchHa' Klingon foreheads, costumes and weapons makes perfect sense because such Klingons were a key part of the series.

The DS9 pack doesn't need an equivalent KDF bundle because the current KDF costumes would suffice for depicting HemQuch Klingons from TNG-era and onwards.

So for the TNG/DS9/VOY eras at least Klingon content should not be included in Fed bundles, but instead be spun off independently.

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