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These torps do utterly bonkers amounts of damage. It's insane that you can't see them, hear them, smell them and yet they will come and pop even the toughest ships around in one go.

But the worst was the Iso charges used by the neghvars in CSE. I saw more than once guys being hit for more than 1 million damage on shielded arcs! How on earth is someone supposed to resist that? Heck, I even saw an iso charge 1 shot the kang while the neghvar was still flying around the cube. The chain damage for that one jumped across the large number of pets that were buzzing about, but even so that shouldn't have happened!

Btw, in canon when did the borg ever use torps? I only recall them using beams and the odd cannon.
What's funny is that the sto borg never use the weapon that the tng borg used the most often: that strange vibrating beam that blasted whole fleets to bits. They should use that.
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