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It's still a pretty weak reason to forcibly shoehorn KDF content into a Voyager bundle simply for "fairness". Dire desperation for KDF content should not mean breaking the canon.

An updated TOS pack that also included QuchHa' Klingon foreheads, costumes and weapons makes perfect sense because such Klingons were a key part of the series.

The DS9 pack doesn't need an equivalent KDF bundle because the current KDF costumes would suffice for depicting HemQuch Klingons from TNG-era and onwards.

So for the TNG/DS9/VOY eras at least Klingon content should not be included in Fed bundles, but instead be spun off independently.
No offense but it's like talking to a brick wall here. How would you feel if the KDF had everything and your Federation never got any content. If the bundles included equal amount of KDF content they would sell more bundles. Simple as that. The fact also remains they aren't going to update a previous bundle, it won't make them as much money. It's all about return for PWE.

Maybe if you weren't one sided you'd see this. Obviously this thread isn't actually about the bundle but a Federation only content proposal. Thanks for your time.
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Cryptic is sloppy. Breaking News at 11. This is what happens when there is no outline or plan and you just make up **** as you go along.
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We can tell our great grandchildren, "In my day, our cloaks were so sensitive that even dialogue broke them and we couldn't change our clothes!"