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07-30-2012, 05:58 PM
A tactical in a Carrier isn't necessarely a good Idea.

The Atrox definitely Not..

The Vor'quv, has possibilities, but not necessarely a good Idea..

The Recluse is also not really a good Idea..

Why? Because of it's Turn rate. It's slightly better then the Vor'quv and the Atrox.. But it's not better then the Kar'fi's Turn rate. 5.5 is not better then 7.

Also, even if you use the Universal Commander Bridge officer Slot for a Tactical officer, you can use it for.. what.. Beta 3, Delta 3, Omega 3, Cannon: Rapid Fire 3, or Cannon: Scatter Volley 3..

What weapons would you use in the Recluse? DHC's, if you use those, is a Joke on a Carrier, even with it's SLIGHTLY improved turn rate compared to the Vor'quv, and the Atrox. Same goes for Dual Cannons. Single Cannons might be useful, but again the turn rate still in that Cannons are a no no area.

And let's face it, with only 6 Weapon slots, Turrets aren't really good Idea either because their damage, on one ship alone isn't great.

So that leaves Beams (Single/Dual) Mines, and/or Torpedoes.

Honestly, Single beam arrays are the best idea on a Carrier. If your on the Federation side, this might give a similar option to the Vor'quv, but you lose the Commander slot from the Sci side. Which means you lose powers like FBP 3, Scramble 3, TBR 3, Viral 3, Tyken's 3, Gravity Well 3, and Energy Siphon 3.

So that comes down to the following question.. Are you going to lose more in your build not only as a Tac, but by using the universal Command slot to try and get more DPS from the Carrier by using a Tac officer. Or would you be better served leaving it in the traditional position of Sci Commander?

Just my Thoughts on this topic after testing the ship out on tribble a couple weeks ago.
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