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07-30-2012, 07:10 PM
my understanding is that there are 'two' t3 excelsiors and t3 nebulas

Essentially there is the EC variety that was pre-FTP; those are character unlock

There is the Cpoint/Zen variety post-ftp; these are account unlock.

I have the Cpoint/Zen ones and can verify that they are in fact account unlocks.

Silly question though, i've hit this wall a few times... do you have open ship slots? It won't let you claim a ship even though it shows purchased if you don't have any free...

Also, doubt this matters here given the ships in question, but regarding anything purchased via bundles (in my case the NX) it shows i have to purchase it again whenever i'm at the ship vendor. I have to actually go into the CStore/Zen Store, click on the bundle itself and click 'claim' or whatever. As long as i have an open ship slot it will pop up in there while bypassing the ship vendor all together.

Maybe try to claim your ship via the store rather than vendor...again might not be the case but i'd figure i'd throw out the idea...

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