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Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
I'm not saying no KDF bundles.

I'm simply saying that forcibly putting KDF stuff in a Voyager bundle isn't worth the dev time nor would it be well-received by most fans (other than diehard KDFers).

You'd have better luck starting a separate topic for a indepedent KDF pack (maybe focus on the TOS Klinks) than hijacking this suggestion out of pure desperation.

And you're more than welcome to wallow in your self-imposed misery.
Now I see nothing wrong with cross faction bundles, but as a player of both factions I can see where this has merits but as what it seems that your one of those federation only players, I will not waste my time trying to show you that as a business this would be more profitable than a single only faction bundle.

And there is no need for name calling, just shows how against cross faction players and bundles you are.
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Cryptic is sloppy. Breaking News at 11. This is what happens when there is no outline or plan and you just make up **** as you go along.
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We can tell our great grandchildren, "In my day, our cloaks were so sensitive that even dialogue broke them and we couldn't change our clothes!"