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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
So that comes down to the following question.. Are you going to lose more in your build not only as a Tac, but by using the universal Command slot to try and get more DPS from the Carrier by using a Tac officer. Or would you be better served leaving it in the traditional position of Sci Commander?
Definitely the Tac slot.

APB3 sticks to your target, so it multiplies the damage of anything shooting at it, including you and your fighters (and any teammates). You'll all do 150% damage.

Alternatively, 6x Turrets with CSV3 is actually much better DPS than using Beam arrays. It'll actually beat using APB3 as a pure damage multiplier (173.3%), but won't apply to the DPS of your fighters or teammates.

Mk X Beam Array: 752.2 per shot (602 DPS)
Mk X Turret: 338.6 per shot (451.5 DPS)
Mk X Turret with CSV3: 587 per shot (782.6 DPS)

Commander slot of TT1/APB1/[CSV2 or APB2]/CSV3 would probably be the most effective DPS you can get. (It's closer between CSV and APB at LtCom level so you have a choice here: CSV2 grants ~45% damage, but APB2 grants 40% and applies to fighters)

The best DPS the Sci Commander has to offer is GW3 or PSW3, neither of which can bring THAT level of extra damage to the table (and PSW3 would be very hard to leverage with such a low turn rate).

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