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# 1 Borg Red Alert advice needed
07-31-2012, 03:16 AM
At 2:07am, about half an hour ago I answered a Borg Red Alert in the Regulus sector. I was the only one there. I waited a few seconds to see if anyone else would warp in, but no luck. I looked around to see if the others, usually four ships, were already engaged, but that first group of Borg ships that spawns about 20km away towards the bottom of the screen was untouched so I decided that there was no one else but me. I went in and took out that nearest group alone. Then I looked around some more, took out a second group, and was nearly done with the third group when the timer ran out. I was in an Armitage class Carrier with 3 AP DHC, photon in front and 3 tetryon turrets in the rear. I have read numerous postings about STFs and try to outfit my ship based on those suggestions, but my resources are limited. I crafted my cannons, a turret, 2 science consoles (field generators), the tactical consoles for my guns, and my engineering consoles. I had to buy the rest off the exchange, all uncommon, best I could find. I was launching Danubes as fast as I could but I was having to evade and retreat a lot to recover shield/hull. My question is what should I have done differently. How do I prepare for next time. I never thought I would be in that position. If it happens again I want to have a shot at getting to the Unimatrix before I get pwned. Sorry if this is too much text but I'm not a good writer and did not know how else to say this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.