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Somewhere this thread sort of got onto tactical captain vs science captain, and also tactical bridge officers and science bridge officers. And that would be okay except for the discussion quickly devolved into DPS knuckle dragging. More DPS is never the answer to any question outside of "How can I do more DPS?"

Once its decided that you will be taking a ship into combat the proper questions to ask are "How do I win?" and "Will I be working on a team or alone?". Those are the two questions. This is very important.

The answer to the first question isn't always "Make the enemy explode.". There are events in the game where you need only to slow your opponent down, or support an NPC, and you will win. If you are working with even one other person the two of you can optimize your ships to do more of whatever it is you're doing than the sum of your separate efforts.

For PVP in particular DPS is likely the single weakest way to evaluate a ship's build. The only less useful way that I can think of off hand would be by using warp speed in sector space.

First suggestion, stop saying DPS. It really does more harm then good. DPS is simply a convention that was agreed upon that allowed for some sort of comparison between otherwise different abilities. It is an extremely weak tool. Burst damage is an excellent tool to use in this game.

Burst damage would be damage that is near instant in application as in Beam Overload, or over the course of seconds, as in Cannon Rapid Fire. Burst damage would NOT be the damage caused by Gravity Well. Or by Tractor Beam. Although both can be very damaging, that type of damage is better left in the damage over time category as it helps in overall understanding of Burst damage vs every other type of damage.

Whenever you strive to destroy an opponent you can assume one of two things will happen. You will succeed or you will fail. If you succeed you are done doing damage. You can imagine what that does for your DPS. But you succeeded! If you fail your opponent will start to answer that damage by healing it. You will likely suffer a drop in DPS, but not quite as bad as you are still shooting away. Just all your damage is being answered by healing. Your damage done will go up, your DPS will go up, your stats may look all pro, but you may never ever score a kill.

So how do we land damage on our opponents hull that they cannot answer? Really that's the question you are actually trying to find a solution to each time your goal is to destroy an enemy ship.

The tactical answer is to overpower our opponents defenses with so much damage in such a short amount of time that it isn't possible inside of game mechanics to answer effectively.

The science answer is to subvert our opponents defenses with so many different attacks upon them that they once again become unable to mount an effective answer to the incoming damage.

The engineering answer is to win by attrition. You will do ten damage. They will heal nine. You will win.

Tactical NEEDS a huge amount of burst damage to succeed as it is all they are using. Science and engineering ships are using other abilities that over time compound the pressure on the opponent to the point where the smaller burst capabilities of the science or engineering ships become sufficient to end the engagement.

So stop thinking dps for pvp. The question is are you able to use your abilities to position your opponent so that he is vulnerable to the burst potential of your ship? If so great. And that holds true if you are teamed. If you accomplish that you win, if not oh well.

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