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Originally Posted by framesplicerx View Post

Javelin unbuffed is neat looking and that's about it.

Other toys to consider to make your Gumbo more fun:
Subspace Jump Console (having trouble maneuvering your Seige mode? not any more! well at least not every 2 mins.)
Bio-Neural Warhead (Massive dmg projectile that has it's own shield and anti-proton turret to weaken the shields of it's target. can also be fired from 15km away, but not closer than 2.5km)

I rock the Quads, 2 DHC, and the bio up front; turrets in the back and support with 4 Disruptor consoles. It eliminates things quickly. A good buffed javeline and bio warhead will make Tact Cubes weep.
The Bio-Neural recharge does benefit from DOFFs. >
I have that exact layout and mine is absolutely devastating. If it weren't for the Guramba, i wouldn't even play my klingon, i think.
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