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Originally Posted by chorkswald View Post
Seriously we spend 3 weeks an you give us ****y pve weps(not even the best kind) an if you think the mojority of us are gona stick around for a year so you can sit on your ass's an make lock box's to extract as much of our money as you pull this kinda **** if we get to elite weps an there not acc x3 me all my firends an all there friends are outa here........thats not a threat thats a fact...
I remember hearing something on dev podcast of some sort that advanced fleet weapons will get 4 mods, and elite fleet weapons will get 4 mods, plus one other special modifier. And I will not be suprised if elite fleet weapons will be [dmg]3[*] [vs tholian/borg/undine/whatnot] by then it will be too late.

What does surprise me however, folks are all pretty committed for grinding for the next 12 months without actually seeing rewards. "Haha you work for me for next 12 months, then I'll give you something nice, but I won't tell you what it is". I think we called it overcommitment.

I'm pretty sure I'm getting out of this game...
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