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It's a PUG, mission progress is okay.

Make it to the node room, clear all the Borg. Ready to drop the shields on the nodes, no one wants to work from the port room. I go ahead and volunteer.

Time on the option is winding down. I begin to work the shields and everything is going fine. As soon as I hear the enemy readouts I drop the shields at that location. They are killing the nodes without a problem.

Get through the first three nodes without a hitch. Ready for the forth one and a new player beams into the room with me, I have no idea why, I'm dropping the shields at the right locations and no one could do it any faster than I was.

The new player in the room with me begins to work the console I am standing at and drops the shields on a node. I'm like "WTH". He doesn't say anything, but now with him gone the players in the node room seem to lack the firepower to kill the nodes without using the extend shield drop time.

New player continues to work the shields on the console and pays no attention to me. Group manages to kill the forth node on the second try. I decide to port back to the node room and help the group, since time is running down and it seems like they need extra firepower now.

Get with the group, only two nodes left. We are all waiting for the new player in the room to drop shields. He appears and now there are five of us waiting for the shields to drop with no one at the controls.

Time runs out on the option. I am livid. I ask colorfully to this player, what he is doing and why is he not communicating, he gives no answer.

I end up going BACK to the port room to run the controls. The Borg are now swarming the team and they are dropping like flies.

Waiting to see if I go back to help with the Borg or stay put. Finally get a signal that they are ready to go, drop shields and they can't kill the node now. Second attempt, I extend time, they still can't manage. Third attempt, another no go.

At this point I was just overly frustrated and quit.

Ohhh, the humanity!

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