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Originally Posted by darkenzedd View Post
So those are the new "Elite" MK12 weapons, seriously?

Was expecting another way of getting MK12 Borg weaponry, sets and other flavours!

Wow, not sure whether to bother continuing with fleet bases now....
This is why I see many players I know stepping back from "new content". Most of them want the T3 ships but that's all. But you have to admit that it's hard to sell phased tetryon stuff, galors or defiants if the equipment you can get from your starbase is better. It's just too expensive for what it is : it's a low-level and basic equipment. Thus it should be cheap so that new chars you level up can quickly get this stuff before getting the borg one. The borg equipment is way better, and costs only 1 proto borg salvage, which is the equivalent of 2k dilithium. The choice between these two alternatives is pretty easy.

The ground stuff is better though, but it's not the right thread to discuss about it.

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