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07-31-2012, 09:36 AM
It's a combination of not understanding or thinking critically about the game's mechanics and not talking to someone who does undestand the game's mechanics. As a consequence they can't build a worthwhile ship, and half of them probably wouldn't be able to use a worthwhile ship properly if it was given to them. They also probably haven't twigged that "Elite" in "Elite STF" refers to the difficulty level and you get ship injuries.

It again comes back to the difficulty curve issue with the game. Ordinary PvE (particularly on Normal, which most people stay on the whole way through their first character) lets you away with any half assed build, and STFs don't. And you won't realise this unless you've of your own accord sat down and studied every power, skill and ability in the game and concocted a good end level build yourself, or spoken to someone who has experience of STFs. I suppose it wouldn't kill them to read the forums as soon as they go have their first STF in which they die ad infinitum, but obviously a lot of people don't.

I appreciate you can't have Lt. Commanders needing to absolutely max their little Escort or Cruiser straight off the bat, but they could stand to gradually make the storyline missions a little bit harder as you level up. Off the top of my head there's maybe 2 "**** you" hard boss NPC ships (the ISS Molly and IRW Somethingorother from the Hobus mission) and the rest is pretty much as easy at level 45 as it is at level 5.

I don't PuG STFs anymore, but I have been PuGging a few Fleet Events lately. Was in one yesterday with two absolute hodge-podge Escort builds. I think one guy had a Polaron DBB, at least two different types of cannon and turret (phaser and plasma, from the looks of 'em) and some form of mines out the back. The other guy was a vintage skittle boat who had the Klingons tasting the rainbow. I figure I must've been doing at least as much damage as the two of them put together, if not more, just by something as simple as picking weapons that fire the same colour blasts.

Although I have to say, I have seen 700 day vets die repeatedly and not heal themselves in STFs. Someone who's been in the game that long has no excuse for not knowing better.