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07-31-2012, 11:31 AM
Dstahl is idealistic; he wants all he's saying to happen, he truly does, as far as I've heard. The problem is his goals constantly overshoot reality... in a certain light, it can be seen as lies, I admit that. But I believe lies have to have an intention behind them, ie that you want to lie on purpose or you want to lie to boost people's feelings. Dan's words don't really have the former, but they may have the latter
you can stop making excuses for him now. he isn't stupid. he knows exactly what hes doing. no intent you say? how about those +1 ships he claimed had no advantages over the normal ships? how about claiming he was playing a FE that didn't exist? how about 'we're bringing the KDF up to par soon! honest!?' how about the 'we're not going free to play! honest!' how about 'no no you won't see anything taken away from subscribers when we go free to play...' and how about 'season 4 will be great! now excuse me while I jump ship to another company while this all blows over so I don't get blamed for it'

now do I really have to list more examples? seeing a pattern here? I sure am.

So I believe he's either lying to try and keep people here with STO, both for business reasons and to give feedback on STO's changes
tell me you don't think thats a good thing

he truly believes in what he's saying, and doing what he can with what he's got. I don't know which it is, so I gotta think between them, and decide which it is on instincts. So far, it's been the latter (that he's trying the best he can).
I don't believe that for a second. you would have to believe that the EP would not understand what he can do with the resources available to him in order to believe that explanation. if that were the case it would imply he has no idea how to do that job correctly and has no place doing it. what does that say about him for continuing to do it anyway and the company for putting him in that position twice?

The reason my pedastal seems high is probably because of a quirk of mine: that I'm never bothered when I'm lied to (occasionally lied to; constantly is another matter). So, to me, the devs occasionally lying never bothered me, and still doesn't.
so you don't care if someone lies to you? including those you are doing business with? first off this is exactly why nobody should pay attention to what you said above and second, if you aren't concerned and have no problem with people lying to you, there is a serious problem there. Thats something you need to look into and get checked out for. lying to people is a bad thing, accepting and encouraging being lied to is worse.

What will I do if proven wrong? I don't know yet, because nothing I've seen, has in my opinion been proof that my instincts are wrong. And having seen everything the game's gone through since Open Beta, that's saying something.
yes it is saying something. that you either haven't been paying attention or you've convinced yourself into an astoundingly bad state of denial about the situation

So that's why I support Cryptic, doing what I can to defend them, even in the midst of decisions like this: because I know they're good, even now, but are forced to do bad things like this. It's not inside knowledge, but pure instinct... but I stand by it
theres a term for that: circular logic.

With most everyone against Cryptic just because they're following orders (something that is not something to blame them for imho), it's a hard opinion to stand by. But I do so anyway.
first of when most people are against something you should be asking why, not making excuses. second, a company cannot under any circumstances, force an employee to lie to customers, without risking getting in serious trouble if the employee refuses to do so. So they can't be forcing anyone to do anything. That being said 'we were following orders' is not an excuse. thats the kind of thing many members of the SS and German high command tried to claim after world war 2. it didn't work for them and it won't work for cryptic or anyone else. people are responsible for their own actions