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07-31-2012, 01:18 PM
1. With the negative feedback from the $7/700 Zen Per Character EVA suit unlocks, will we see those items repriced and future items priced lower?

2. The balance of KDF to Fed Fleet ships seem to be off. No KDF ships apply for the C-store discount. Will something be done to address this, or will a new system of discounts which applies a varying level of discount to each level of C-store purchase be implemented?

3. The addition of timers to Nukara hasn't been met with enthusiasm, will this be undone?

4. 20 dollars/2000 zen for a single character ship unlock has been rather universally received as too pricy. Is there any deliberation to reduce the number of FSM's required for fleet ships or to reduce their C-store cost in comparison to ships that cost simlar (or more) money and are account unlocks?

5. KDF Armor Visuals and off duty uniforms - What is keeping these from being implemented, why is it that KDF can't use the Mercenary outifts, or non-starfleet uniforms like the Bajoran Militia set?

6. Lobi crystals. 1. Why are they not account bound? They're a 'currency purchased via real money' like C-store points. So why can't they be transferred across characters.

7. Gold Pressed Latinum - This continues to build up in our inventories with nothing to use with it. Many believe the Lobi store itself should have been the Expansion of the GPL store. Will there every be an expansion of the GPL store, will it gain use, will it be merged with the LOBI store? Will we be able to convert GPL into Lobi? (No self respecting Ferengi would turn down Latinum.)

8. The two Raptors picked for the Fleet store. Why them? Why not the Tier 3 and Tier 4 raptors that are fan favorites with the C-store skins?

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