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There really aren't two DPS conventions. Its the weakest tool out there by far, you really can't get around it. Its a convention for one reason and one reason only. And I already stated it. It is sorta like you read my post, tried to restate it in someway, and missed.

"The tactical answer is to overpower our opponents defenses with so much damage in such a short amount of time that it isn't possible inside of game mechanics to answer effectively.

The science answer is to subvert our opponents defenses with so many different attacks upon them that they once again become unable to mount an effective answer to the incoming damage.

The engineering answer is to win by attrition. You will do ten damage. They will heal nine. You will win.

There you go. Almost your entire post in 3 points.

I've left out the bits where you say "dps is important but it isn't because its really spike or burst and its really in combination with other abilities to sorta kill your enemy if that's what you were really about in the first place."

DPS is garbage and using that as a start point or as a endpoint is garbage. I never say ignore or dismiss dps. Read the post. Here's something someone posted. And I'm sure this will get a "well that's not what I meant". But here it is. Some dps numbers.

Mk X Beam Array: 752.2 per shot (602 DPS)
Mk X Turret: 338.6 per shot (451.5 DPS)
Mk X Turret with CSV3: 587 per shot (782.6 DPS

Okay great. Over what time frame would this be? How many seconds outside of CSV3 do we need to go before beams once again overtake turrets? What if I used FAW of any rank? would that change things? How about even ONE Beam Overload 3? Do you think one Beam Overload 3 hitting for 60k in one second over the course of a 3 second encounter wins?

here you go, ill paste this over again too.

"The question is are you able to use your abilities to position your opponent so that he is vulnerable to the burst potential of your ship?"

And no i never go out in the sun, i have no friends, and i eat paste already so don't wish it on me.

Happy flying go shoot something.

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