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Originally Posted by captainoblivous View Post
One surprisingly poorly known trick for taking down b'ger is to kill the regen probes first as you normally would. Then once they are down park yourself so that you are touching the unimatrixes hull. That's right, just sit there scraping his paintwork. Once you are in position just let the plasma ball hit you. If you are close enough the splash damage will do a lot of damage to b'ger and I don't mean your warp core breach! The plasma ball has a splash damage radius. It's small, but very powerful. If b'gers nearest shield arc is down then quite often it's hull will drop by around 30%-40% of max. I have seen it drop by 80% in the past.
It's shields will stop most of the blast but it will knock out the shield arc as well as knock off a couple of % of it's hull.
Please note, by plasma ball I mean the zappy thing that is like the blue plasma balls fired by V'ger in TMP and not the plasma torpedo spreads some of those b'gers like to spew.

Btw, why are you doing this in Regulus? In my experience Sirius and Regulus RAs very rarely succeed due to the influx of low level characters. No offence to the little guys, but they just can't do enough damage or take enough hits to make any difference.

Also, you can stop near the spires poking from the middle of the unimatrix to avoid most of it's weapons fire. I think it's only the probes and plasma balls you have to worry about then.
Ahhhh! So that explains this one time, I set off my self destruct and I was hugging its underbelly, I went off and when I came back a huge chunk of hull was gone. I didn't think I could of done that much damage with my boom and I knew my group didn't have that much firepower.