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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
There really aren't two DPS conventions.
It is blatantly obvious that there is a difference between Sustained and Burst damage.
If you cannot accept this, then I apologise for reality being wrong.

Here's something someone posted. And I'm sure this will get a "well that's not what I meant". But here it is. Some dps numbers.

Mk X Beam Array: 752.2 per shot (602 DPS)
Mk X Turret: 338.6 per shot (451.5 DPS)
Mk X Turret with CSV3: 587 per shot (782.6 DPS

Okay great. Over what time frame would this be? How many seconds outside of CSV3 do we need to go before beams once again overtake turrets? What if I used FAW of any rank? would that change things? How about even ONE Beam Overload 3? Do you think one Beam Overload 3 hitting for 60k in one second over the course of a 3 second encounter wins?
Now you're talking.

Beam Array:
4 shots over 4 secs, 1 sec recharge
=3008.8 damage every 5 seconds

Damage inflicted:
After 5 seconds = 3008.8
After 25 Seconds = 15044.0
After 26 Seconds = 15796.2
After 27 Seconds = 16548.4
After 28 Seconds = 17300.6
After 29 Seconds = 18052.8
After 30 Seconds = 18052.8


Standard Turret:
4 shots over 2 secs, 1 sec recharge
= 1354.4 damage every 3 seconds

587 damage per shot when CSV3 is active.
Raw CSV duration = 10 seconds.

10 Second interval:
0-1 [CSV3 activates] 587 damage*2
1-2 587 damage*2
2-3 No damage
3-4 587 damage *2
4-5 587 damage *2
5-6 No damage
6-7 587 damage *2
7-8 587 damage *2
8-9 No damage
9-10 587 damage *2 [CSV3 wears off, but Turret's still firing]
10-11 587 damage *2
11-12 No damage
[Turret recharged and no CSV: normal damage until CSV recharges]
Total Damage inflicted in first 12 seconds = 9392

Over next 3 seconds, standard firing sequence
So at 15 second point, total damage inflicted = 9392+1354.4=10746.4
After 24 Seconds: 14809.6
After 25 Seconds: 15486.8
After 26 Seconds: 16164.0
After 27 Seconds: 16164.0
After 30 Seconds: 17518.4

Thus in theory it's not until the 27th Second that a single Beam would start to inch ahead again. And it's very easy to get the recharge time of this ability under 27 seconds - even the MACO 2-piece set bonus would accomplish this.

In reality, multiple Turrets would do considerably more damage than multiple beams because of the lower Weapons Energy Drain. FAW and BO are not Commander level Tactical abilities, so a like-for-like comparison there, whilst potentially interesting, is irrelevant.

"The question is are you able to use your abilities to position your opponent so that he is vulnerable to the burst potential of your ship?"
I would hold that the real question is "what is the quickest way to take down this opponent in the time I have available to me, without dying myself?". That holds true for any combat situation in this game, in PVP or PVE.

Usually the answer is that you buff up and then shoot it in the face.

Positioning only comes into the scenario in rare situations: when two or more targets are healing/buffing each other, for example. In which case you stop the cross buffing, either by disabling one of the ships, or by forceably using your abilities to position it out of buff range. And then you buff up and shoot it in the face...

Happy flying go shoot something.
Surely that counts as DPS...?

Happy flying, and enjoy the paste: It's yummy.

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