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07-31-2012, 04:19 PM
Most of my ships have their names derived from Mobile Suits or ships of the line.

A few examples (cba to list all 40 or so ships I have):

* Escort carrier U.S.S. Argama. Named from the ship used in Zeta gundam, the Argama launches its fighters, but is far from defenceless on its own.

* Odyssey class U.S.S. Dendrobium. Named from the combination of the Stamen and Orchis, the Dendrobium evokes the irresistable force that the Gundam Dendrobium embodies.

* Atrox class Ra Cailum. Named to evoke the leadership role that the originator had in Char's Counterattack.

*Prometheus class U.S.S. Trombe (*ahem* thats Trombe!), named as an embodiment of the meme Trombe! override. Many an alpha strike have been shrugged off, ambushers killed before any serious damage done, generally a badass ship in the hands of my tac captain. She was mothballed when the Armitage launched
Ikuzo, Trombe!

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