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Btw, why are you doing this in Regulus? In my experience Sirius and Regulus RAs very rarely succeed due to the influx of low level characters. No offence to the little guys, but they just can't do enough damage or take enough hits to make any difference.
Heh, I tried to get into either a Sirius or Regulus one (don't remember which) and the darn thing was just empty. Seems like those two are also glitched more than the others, but I'd never be able to guess why.

As for little guys being able to help make a difference, it depends a lot on their skills and their build. I ran the Beta Ursae encounter on my "lowbie" tactical officer earlier today, and even with it scaling up to LA 44 I was pounding away pretty good on the probes and even the spheres (the cubes were another story, the darn things were one-shotting me, lol). I'm not sure how much I really helped with the unimatrix ship, but we did complete the encounter with plenty of time left on the clock.
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