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Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
An hour? One would think that 1 person could destroy the warbird. But never mind. I think that a tutorial of STFs be monitory before playing any of them. It would be interesting to see if PUG teams would get better if that happened.
Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Donatra isone of the few bosses in the game with meaningful regen... so good luck killing her if you die alot.

If you are using the "wrong" kind of build, you could probably hammer on donatra forever and never bring down her shields. That, and her shields regenerate while she is cloaked, which is very unfair, especially since sometimes she stays cloaked for a ridiculous amount of time.

Im certain my eng characters could "tank" her roughly forever, but I seriously doubt any of em would stand much of a chance killing her.

As for mandatory tutorials .. youd have to cover literally everything. Its not just telling people to be elsewhere when she fires off the big green HAHAIKILLYOUNOW! gun, people should be able to pick up on that pretty fast. The problem is much more fundamental.

Your typical pugger fails because they didnt skill properly, they are flying the wrong ship, using the wrong weapons, the wrong consoles and the wrong gear, their boff power choices suck, and they dont know how to fly. Then you get to not knowing anything about the actual tactics. Teaching them the tactics, assuming they are even capable of learning (youd think by now they would have realised that at least *something* was wrong...), isnt going to change much.