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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
you do understand this is huge right?

you are admitting that basically, the foundation of this game (weapons and/or defense) is broken.

and that you have no clue how or why this is happening. matter of fact, there could be many reasons.

as a business leader responsable for tens of millions of dollars of annual revenue, if i got this response from one of my department heads i would be putting him on a 90 day action plan to either meet his job expectations or be removed from his position.
i think they have done an admirable job considering the foundation of the game was removed and replaced with the new code branch. that is almost guarantied to be a catastrophe when ever you do something like that to a complex computer problem. im always surprised the game works at all after a season change. there is no equal situation in a tangible business environment, if there were it would be unreasonable not to have a considerable margin of error built into the expectations
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