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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
So you're saying it's time for the code to branch permanently?

I imagine that would be a tough sell.
I think it's time the devs, fessed up that they released the game far far too early, and do what the devs of sword of the stars 2 decided to do. Scrap the whole thing down to the bare bones, and fix the god awful mess they made in the core of the game engine and go from there.

This is as straight up honest as I can be here, with no antagonistic feelings here. If cryptic wants to play in the big leagues, they're going to have to start by admitting to mistakes, so they can prevent them selves from doing the exact same ones, every single time the game is updated. It's not like we're in alpha here, this is 2 years post launch. This is not how Quality titles operate here guys.

We appreciate, greatly that you guys are finally starting to come down here and talk with us to try and fix things. But you'd think someone in the code monkeys team would have learned something or two by now about the game engine and how to keep it from vomiting up the same old tired bugs, or creating devastating to gameplay new ones. And no, not every title does this. Not on the Big Boy level. On the bargain bin rack, sure lots of companies have problems like this, and they tend to die out very quickly, or remain on the bargain bin rack grade for a reason.

Jesse, and Bort. I suspect you guys might be the only ones actually doing anything down there at The Cryptic in terms of QA. We thank you for at least breaking the lockstep of facerolling tradition of your fellow peers, and coming down here to us.

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