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07-31-2012, 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Look people, the proc chance for chrono may be 100%, but it CAN BE RESISTED. Previously, this wasn't possible.

And besides, even with this update, they're more useful, allowing them to be used comfortably, but not so much they're OP as some of you seem to think...

In other words, mines are now viable, if you so choose to use them. But they're still not an automatic win or OP anyway... the mines can be destroyed easily just like before.

Seems to me you're overreacting a little... just what I think.

But either way, right there in the patch notes, says this is still under consideration and feedback... so this isn't the final result.
Wait.. you mean you're *surprised* at people complaining about proposed changes without even testing them? This is par for the course on these forums.

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