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07-31-2012, 11:36 PM
All in all, I like it!

Photons, quantums and plasmas are still a bit on the weak side tho...

Chronitons may be OP depending on how many times it stacks and how long each proc lasts, as you can easily be hit by 40 mines in a matter of a few seconds... Giving a total of 1000% movement debuff. (always remember to think "team" when skills are balanced)

Transphasics, love the shield heal debuff, althoug i assume its a cap debuff, not a resist debuff. Resist debuff would have been nicer.

4 Tricobs at once!!! :O Imagine this fully specced, on an escort with 5 TCD consoles! Gonna be awsome for STFs at least! (Hey Minimax! Time to make a new tric bomber build!)