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07-31-2012, 11:49 PM
Not many seem to care to go on tribble to test any of the changes either because they don't care, or they can't.

Went on. Tested stuff. Laughed at a few things.. such as how insane plasma Mine DoT damage can get when Multiple Plasma Mines hit single targets. The new change to TRansphasic Damage looks cool, but No one was around for me to test the actual reason to try them out, the Shield heal debuff.

Tricobalt Mines have a bug, where when you use a Mine Dispersal Pattern, It does not put the Tricobalt Mine on cool down. So after the usual 15 Seconds of using a Mine Dispersal Pattern, you could either A: use another Dispersal Pattern, or B: Drop a Tric Mine before cauing a 60 Second cool down.

And as far as Chorniton Procs, I wouldn't know because using them on the borg isn't very productive.
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