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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
Borticus for PVP Overlord Mk. II?
no, no noooo! Don't say it!!!!! Dam, too late... now you gone jinxed it!

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
chrono mines procing 100% is ludicrous. at 33% theres a huge chance 1 of the 5 mines was gonna proc you, there was NO absence of procs from them

transphasics reducing the ability to heal shields sounds like the most broken addition yet. 90% or more of someones survivability in pvp relies on a persons ability to heal their shields and stack resists on them. if getting hit with transphasic mines reduces some ones ability to heal shields, you just removed 50% of their defense. you might as well double the amount of damage every weapon does in game, this change is THAT bad.
Before, you would typically be hit with 5 mines, each with a 33% chance of applying a 100% debuff, you would statistically receive a 166% magnitude debuff if eating a whole cluster.

Now, the chance to proc is 100%, but the magnitude is reduced to 25%, meaning that from swallowing a full cluster you will get a 100% magnitude debuff.

To me, this looks like a 40% reduction in effectiveness... no?

And for shield healing debuff, I love it! Survivability is way too high in STO! This will also be extra noticable for tanky cruisers and sciships. My escorts heals are close to useless anyway, and I live and die by my elusiveness/defence.

And better mines makes GW/tykens a better ability to pack, so it's actually a little buff to sci/cc