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08-01-2012, 01:01 AM
well, id be willing to help come up with more things like this if i could only get a job there...lucky fools they are, able to make a living out of a game. damn them for living my dream *shakes fist*

oh, um sorry...back to ships...

also, id like to see more use out of the cloaking device...somehow. it really doesnt seem very useful once you start a fight and they live longer than was hoped. maybe a enhanced cloak console that works a bit like the brel refit, but not as powerful...maybe takes a ton of weapons and or shield power to have a constant cloak, or semi-cloak(if you are moving too fast, fire too many weapons, too close, you are temporarily exposed), and an [increased chance to miss when cloaking/decloaking]<maybe just this would satisfy me