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Originally Posted by tetonica View Post
Surely no less irrelevant than comparing unbuffed weapons to buffed ones. While the majority of your post may make sense, this omission to support your argument makes you lose all credibility.
I claimed it was irrelevant because my original post was in relation to the Universal Commander ability slot being used for a Tactical BOFF (see many, many posts above).

In that I claimed that "TT1/APB1/[CSV2 or APB2]/CSV3 would probably be the most effective DPS you can get."

CSV3 is a commander level ability. The only thing that we can directly swap this out for which would Impact Beams would be APB3, not BO3 or FAW3. And depending on whether you're talking about PVE or PVP, APB3 might be very useful or might be totally useless.

The reason why I recommended concentrating on CSV3 rather than CSV2 is because the damage buff granted scales differently for Turrets across Rank 3 and Rank 2 than it does for other cannons.

BO3 is certainly useful and a good example of a "Burst" DPS ability, but relies heavilly on prebuffing and crit chance/severity to score big numbers. BFAW is less useful than it has previously been due to accuracy issues, and the nature of the shot targetting makes it somewhat unreliable as a damage buff when fighting more than one opponent.

If you want to change things around, then it's certainly possible to estimate the average DPS over a given time period for 6x Beams using FAW3, as long as we make certain assumptions (versus one target only? target is always in the sideways "Broadside" arc? weapons energy regeneration rate? etc). Factoring in BO3 is trickier - do we assume you use a battery or eptw? At what point in the standard weapons firing sequence is it used (the drain will negatively impact other weapons fire until energy is regenerated)?

You may as well go on debating the dps difference between mk12 and mk1 at this point. It's fairly obvious to all of us that unbuffed weapons will do less dps than buffed ones.
Interesting point. If we accept the claim someone made above that "DPS is garbage" then mk1 weapons should be just as effective as mk12 weapons, never mind all this stuff about Beams and Turrets...

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