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08-01-2012, 02:22 AM
After makeing it to tier 2 lvl4the fleet leader and I was checking out the weapons store on the star base and was shocked to no end. here it was the fleet spent all kinds of time,duty off's,samples, experiance points, fleet marks,and tons of dilithium to find the weapons, armour, sheilds were so -so, but the real grabber was the price. there was all this dilithium spent, to build the base then stock the store to find out you have to spend fleet credits plus more dilithium to buy said items, were are in debate whether to continue building or use a couple of photon torpedos, and put an end to this bottomless pit. I guess pwe thinks some of us are gulliable enough not to notice when we have been had and good. I just wonder if other fleets have seen thru this as we have.