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08-01-2012, 02:41 AM
Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
no, no noooo! Don't say it!!!!! Dam, too late... now you gone jinxed it!

Before, you would typically be hit with 5 mines, each with a 33% chance of applying a 100% debuff, you would statistically receive a 166% magnitude debuff if eating a whole cluster.

Now, the chance to proc is 100%, but the magnitude is reduced to 25%, meaning that from swallowing a full cluster you will get a 100% magnitude debuff.

To me, this looks like a 40% reduction in effectiveness... no?

And for shield healing debuff, I love it! Survivability is way too high in STO! This will also be extra noticable for tanky cruisers and sciships. My escorts heals are close to useless anyway, and I live and die by my elusiveness/defence.

And better mines makes GW/tykens a better ability to pack, so it's actually a little buff to sci/cc
problem is the chrono mines can stack. and it doesnt say by how much. so in theory this makes them even more powerful even thought they can be "resisted"